Honour Roll

Honour Roll

Club Presidents, Captains and Life Members
Those to have held the honour of Club President and Club Captains over the years :

Club Presidents Club Captains
1968 J Swan A Rawlings
1969 R N Hardie A Rawlings
1970 R N Hardie G D Heath
1971 R N Hardie H M Robertson
1972 R N Hardie P Hurst
1973 R N Hardie P Hurst
1974 R N Hardie J Ward
1975 G H Morrison P Hurst
1976 G H Morrison P Hurst
1977 G H Morrison M B Shield
1978 B A Hoffensetz A J Fitzwater
1979 B A Hoffensetz M Fatialofa
1980 B A Hoffensetz A J Fitzwater
1981 B A Hoffensetz G J Hight
1982 B A Hoffensetz G J Hight
1983 B A Hoffensetz G J Hight
1984 B A Hoffensetz R J Jones
1985 B A Hoffensetz R J Jones
1986 B A Hoffensetz G J Hight
1987 E J Ellis I A Jones
1988 E J Ellis B P Dwyer
1989 B J Dwyer B P Dwyer
1990 B J Dwyer L Bell
1991 B J Dwyer W P Fowler
1992 G R Pegg G Aitken
1993 G R Pegg B Hinkfus
1994 B J Dwyer T Gregory
1995 B J Dwyer D Hines
1996 B J Dwyer D Peel
1997 B J Dwyer T Leadbetter
1998 M Trevorrow D Peel
1999 M Trevorrow T C Leadbetter
2000 C Eason D Chalk
2001 C Eason S Kracht
2002 J Lee A Savige
2003 J Lee J Gehrke
2004 J Lee J Gehrke
2005 J Lee D Trevorrow
2006 M Mclean Mathew Clark
2007 G Hill Mathew Clark
2008 G Hill D Trevorrow
2009 D Roche D Trevorrow
2010 D Roche C Hill
2011 D Roche C Hill
2012 K Rowcliffe C Hill
2013 K Rowcliffe T Dwyer
2014 K Rowcliffe J Dwyer
2015 Vacant J Dwyer

Life Members

Over the years, a select group of people after years of dedication and commitment to the club have been awarded the title of “Life Member”.

Without the work of these people, the club wouldn`t be where it is today.


1978 R N Hardie
1984 G R Pegg
1984 G H Morrison
1984 S C Foote
1984 L H Wadley
1984 W A Kirkwood
1988 J Baxter
1988 E J Ellis
1996 B J Dwyer
2000 B Peel
2002 M Mclean
2007 C Eason
2007 S Castles
2007 B Hoffenset
2008 D Handyside
2010 G Brown
2012 S Turner
2012 M Osborne

1968 Rangers First Team

First VI (vs R.A.A.F)

Jim Hardie
B. Hardie
John Walker
Rob Walker
Geoff Heart
Hamish Robertson
Muray Scott
Gary Scott
John Tannick
Andrew Rawlings (Capt.)
Dick Rawlings
John Dixon
Dick Forsythe
Bob Newton
Trevor Lloyd
Rob Wadley
Charlie Lein perley
Glen Bolger
Bob Crowe
Bill Rawlings
Kevin Hayes
Phil Sutherland

10 Year Players

Ryan Castles, Zane Gibbards, Sam Graham, Lachlan Reid, Jordan Roche
2012 – Brennan Eason
2014 – John Osborne, Tom Summerville
2015 – Michael Krause