Rangers Relics

Golden Oldies, Over 35’s or ‘Rangers Relics’ Ipswich


Thinking of blowing the dust off those old tags?

Ipswich Rangers ‘Rangers Relics’ is the ideal opportunity for over-35’s to re-live the glory days of the game played in heaven “Rugby Union”.


About 5 mins before the match, we drink, say a prayer to the beer gods and then play.

We train and have a run on Friday nights at 6:30pm. We also have a family friendly touch game just about every Sunday afternoon from 4/4:30pm at the Rangers Clubhouse. This will start back just after the school term does.

Draws and Scores to be released at a later date



Representative Opportunities

As apart of VRQ (Veterans Rugby Queensland) there are a number of games throughout the year that are classified as Rep carnival games. They are a bunch of fun and great way to meet new people! Further Details will be announced after the upcoming AGM meeting.

There are 5 teams that are usually in this representative scene:

The Australian Wobblies
The Walkboks
The Old Blacks
The Pacific Lions
The Bar Bars / Barbarians

Some of these teams are still looking for players! If you are interested please visit the VRQ – Rugby for Life… Facebook page.


Interested? Got Questions? Contact one of the following for more information today!

Allan Balfe
Mobile: 0438 385 692

Michael Fitzgerald
E-mail Address: [email protected]

David Vass-Bowen
Contact details TBA


Kenny Cup








Fees/Registration for 2018 season
After discussion with committee cost has been set below:

Over 35’s Rangers players
$250 for the VRQ Season.
Covers the following:

– 50th year playing jersey to keep ( option to personalize etc – details in later post)
– 50th year playing shorts to keep
– 50th year playing socks to keep
– strapper at home games where possible
– player insurance costs
– $50 levy for 50th year ( this applied to all players this year at club towards the events etc)

Please arrange payment by 10th April 2018 and Let me know you paid so i can update register.

No payment or arrangements mean no play or jersey. Any dramas please talk to me

Preferred that fees paid in to clubs bank account direct by transfer as easiest to handle
Note your name as reference please when transfer

BSB – 124023
ACC – 10598250
Ipswich Rugby Union Club inc

Home games will be the normal $10 per home player for the beer and burger.

So we can get jerseys ordered with the kit we need the following information from each of you please ASAP.
Ideally like to have all info back to me by 24th March.
Otherwise u will miss out on opportunity to get ur gear personalized

1. Jersey size
(note generally a ‘snug’ fit so add a size, if ur an XL size would suggest XXL, if you prefer more comfortable)
2. Numbers on jersey and letters/words – if not wanted just write N/A
3. Shorts size

Please send to me by either PM or on here in the above format.

Remember guys need have your fees paid or payment arrangements made.

Club is flexible on the payment with the fees. We just need to know so it arranged.

If you wish to get extra jerseys let me know and will confirm if possible in this order and cost once we know.

We plan to use this jersey stripe for the Pan pacs late in the year too.




In 2018 our old boys day will be tied in with our 50th year celebrations and is planned for July 21st of this year.






Last year the Ipswich Relics hosted a VRQ barbarians team on the Saturday afternoon prior to the Barbar and Pegg Cup games.

It was a great hit and we even had a little media show up too.

This year it’d be great if we can arrange the same to occur being the big 5-0 for the club.

Closer to the date I will know the planned game time – Allan Balfe

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